Erik Johnson Tile is your local pool tile repair and restoration company. We provide the most cost effective and affordable pool tile, pool coping and more.

We have been providing these services to homeowners for over 20 years. We work with most of the major swimming pool contractors in the Sacramento Region.

We provide the following services:

Pool tile replacement

From step tiles, skimmers, waterline tile and mosaics, we repair or replace broken, missing and cracked tiles.

Pool coping repairs

Do you have a chipped or missing piece(s) of coping. We can typically repair to like new condition for a fraction of the cost of total replacement.

Pool coping expansion joint replacement

Sun faded, shrinking and missing expansion joint material, commonly known as Deck-O-Seal can be removed and replaced in typically a couple of hours. Leaving you with a new and water tight seal.

Pool joint replacement

Over time, the pool joint between the pool deck’s edge and the waterline tile cracks or missing, leaving you with an unsightly gap between your pool’s tile and deck. We can remove and replace this strip leaving you with a UV protected silicone joint compound. Returning your pool wall integrity to a like new condition.

Pool tile grout repair and restoration

Does your pool have missing grout between the tiles? Or, does your pool have that “70’s” look with the white grout and dark tile? We can remove and replace the grout to a like new condition. ***NOTE*** this procedure is highly dependent on your pool tile’s condition. Let our years of experience and knowledge assess your pool tile’s integrity to determine whether you are a candidate for this service.

Rock Waterfall Mortar Repairs

Do you have a leaking waterfall? Many times the mortar holding your natural boulders will shrink and crack over time. We can reinstall the exposed mortar to provide a better seal for the rock. In other cases, we can apply high tech sealants to seal these porous surfaces. With the many options available to us, we have a good chance that we will be able to help or eliminate these problems.

Deck Drain Repair

Do you have unsightly or broken deck drain covers? We can remove and replace the broken or missing pieces with new materials. There will be times, when the deck drain can not be repaired, in those instances, our only other option is to remove and replace the entire deck drain.

Deck Cover Replacement

While this is not worth the call to have us come out and replace the deck covers alone, you might want to consider having us replace your covers if we are doing other repairs to your pool. One idea is to have us replace those horrid white covers with the new colored deck covers. This is especially a good idea for those of you with stained or colored concrete.

Erik Johnson Tile has been performing these services for homeowners in Granite Bay, Roseville, Folsom, Sacramento, Lincoln, Rocklin and surrounding areas since 1989. Give us a call today (916) 987-7750